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clothing electric cutter

$: 80
Voltage: Voltage
Color: Grey
Model: WBT-1
Brand: WBT
Term: EXW

WBT Electric Scissors is widely used in families or various factories that need cutting 0-10MM(depend on materials) .

Portable Electric Scissors Features

1. It is convenient and portable, chargeable and electric plugged.

2. Low consumption and high energy efficient.

3. By adopting tungsten steel blade, it is in durable service.

4. With low noise, favorable heat emission, anti-fatigue, and strong continuous work capacity.

Cutting Range(depend on materials):

10mm : underwear ,cloth,textile ,knitwear,felt,blanket, curtain  

7mm :five layer cardboard, 17 sheets of A4 paper,one sheet is 80g

5mm :leather ,carpet,plastic, fiberglas , rubber  

Random Accessories


Cutter head A(sharp/short working life/cutting quickly for hard and thick)

Cutter head B(blunt/long working life/cutting slowly for soft and thin )


Plug battery

Power adapter

Charging stand


Rated voltage of charger : 100-240V

Output power                : 35W

Cutting capacity             :0-10mm (depend on material)  

Blade material               :Tungsten steel

Charging Time               :2hours

Place of Origin               :Fujian China

Brand Name                  :WBT  

Machine body weight      :0.376KG

Application                    :Industry and Household

Operate: Two using types,with cord(can continuously work)and recharge battery

Turn easy and cutting many layers

flexible cutting leather cushion + sponge 

cutting free and relaxed

cutting scarf and handling steady

cutting composite:fiberglass,carbon ,aramid

luggage trimming (amazing efficiency)

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